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Name:Lucas Garrison
Birthdate:May 19
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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name: Lucas Ambrose Garrison
other names: Luke
date of birth: 11/30/2007
age: 21
family: Steven Garrison, deceased. Jennifer Garrison, deceased.

hair: Black, natural colour.
eyes: Brown
height: 5'10" // 177.8 cm
weight: 115 lbs // 52.27
distinguishing characteristics: None

basic background

Lucas was born in London to his father Steven, a Muggle and computer technician, and his mother Jennifer, a haughty witch who made a career out of spending her husband's money. As a result, they were frequently in debt, but Steven was utterly in awe of his beautiful, magical wife and would never dream of leaving her. Luke was a clear mix of the two; he inherited his father's greasy hair and slightly hooked nose but his mother's aloof personality and stick-thin body. The cost of raising a child slowly taxed them until, when Lucas was five, Steven received a job offer from a Russian company willing to triple his salary.

The family packed up and shipped out and Lucas grew until it was time to attend school. Durmstrang hardened him even further, though he proved himself to be as cold and sharp as the worst of them and managed to hold his own fairly well. He was an average student with no real friends due to his lack of obvious emotion, which his mother always taught him was the path to success.

The year he was to graduate, Lucas' parents were in his father's car heading to dinner when it was run off a slippery road by an oncoming truck. Both were killed when it rolled. His classes were done and his grades turned in but Lucas never turned up for graduation. He'd started walking when he heard the news and hadn't stopped.

He spent the next couple months becoming acquainted with the darker side of metropolitan culture and quickly learned that he had what it took to get by based on the cold strength his mother taught him. He dominated men who were addicted to the thrill; his tiny frame and youth only made him more unusual, more special. On his return to London, his work led him to the Pestle and Alexi. As his first love, the relationship consumed him. And like many first loves, when it fell apart he didn't know how to live. He sold the majority of his possessions and his drug habit became worse. Just as that pain was beginning to heal, his half-brother Vadim - a violent, murderous, prejudiced boy Lucas loved without reserve - was murdered by a group of wizards in front of him on the street. No longer able to stomach violence and therefore unable to work, he continued to deteriorate until he attempted to commit suicide via morphine overdose.

"Be sharp as a diamond, Lucas. Beautiful even when you rip them to shreds."

Lucas is an OC that I have created, do not use. The HP world is JKR's and Isaiah Garnica belongs to himself. Adult themes and triggering material within, both I and the character are of legal age.


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